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Our God is a God who can exceed all expectations. When He shows up everything changes. He is a Father who loves to love us. He is always desiring our hearts and wanting to speak His secrets into our ears. Tonight we were able to encounter this God.

Words cannot explain tonight’s praise night. It was simply indescribable. God gathered 5 churches together under one roof to lavish His love upon us, fill us up and send us out. He brought us before His feet and gave us all the privilege to give Him our worship. Then He revealed His heart to us.

The spirit of the living God dwelled with us tonight. I believe every single heart was touched by our Father. For me personally I was overwhelmed by God in ways I’ve never experienced before. I was so humbled to be used as a vessel in my brokenness to share His words and lead a time of prayer. Through this privilege tonight God has revealed to me new visions and purpose for my life. Honestly tonight was a pinnacle moment for me as someone in ministry but ultimately as a son of God.

I am so thankful beyond words for what God has done but most importantly will continue to do. May our worship never cease and may we worship in all we do. God is good. ALL THE TIME, GOD IS GOOD!

I saw God today.

Did you?

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Today marks exactly a week since we have been back from missions in Haiti. So for church today we did mission report in every service. We showed our video and then had multiple team members share their testimony of the mission trip in each service.

It was great doing missions with everyone but the reality is we are all individuals that all got blessed in our own personal ways. So even though I was able to be there first hand with everyone I really wanted to hear their testimonies.

For some of our members giving their testimony during the services was really out of their comfort zone. But through that God really moved. Each testimony was filled with evidences of God and they really blessed me as well as the rest of the congregation.

It was such a blessing to hear in everyone’s own unique way in how they encountered God. God revealed to me once more the true power that lays behind testimonies. A testimony is much more than just your story but a depiction of God in action in your life.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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It has only been a day since our team has been back from Haiti and God is continuing to do His works in our hearts. One of my biggest prayer points in preperation for the mission trip was unity in our team. He answered those prayers and we encountered it in Haiti but it didn’t just end there.

I woke up today and not even 24 hours after being back I get a text from some of the team members saying they want to hangout. So I went to meet up with everyone at Starbucks around 3 but had to come home for dinner and then met up with them all again till about midnight.

God has placed a unifying love and joy in the middle of our community. He has proven to us that we are much more than just a mission team for a week but rather we are a family and body of Christ. This is the bond that we have all been desperately needing and wanting and God has delivered.

How beautiful is it to see a group of young people gather to just spend time with eachother with laughter, joy, worship and God centered conversation.

He used us for His works in Haiti but He has revealed that His works in us is to be continued.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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I have returned home today from my mission trip in Haiti. I was not able to post while in Haiti because I decided to treasure every moment and blessing and refrain from technology. So in this post I will be giving a quick report through bullet points in which God truly ravished my heart and how He allowed myself and 18 other brothers and sisters to join His works!


  • Departed for Haiti
  • Cincinnati -> Miami -> Fort Ladurdale
  • Stayed the night at Fort Lauderdale airport
  • Had fellowship and bonding with the team while filling our hearts with joy


  • After not being able to sleep at all we departed from Fort Lauderdale to Port-au-Prince, Haiti and arrived around 7am
  • Drove to our mission center in Cite Solei
  • After getting settled took a tour around Cite Solei and visited many slums and had our first interactions with the people of Haiti
  • Had my heart wrecked but filled with joy witnessing the city
  • Did our first ministry at an orphanage (which was my first time at an orphanage) and led a VBS program for the kids


  • Started the day with small group devotional focused on purpose
  • Had our first full day of ministry
  • Led VBS. Started with only about 20 kids and after prayer and diligence God provided over 50 kids to serve

  • We had our first time of street evangelism with four different teams that covered a large portion of the town
  • My team encountered about 8 salvations and 3 healings. God revealed His purpose to us of why we were there and used us to our fullness


  • Begin with small group devotional focused on unity and being the body of Christ
  • Led VBS for about 90 children. It was extremely difficult because of the hot weather, things not going our way and not having enough hands to help but God still used us and revealed Himself to us.
  • Had time of worship for just the VBS team to be filled with the heart of worship to overcome our hardships
  • Went to our second orphanage to lead VBS and spend time in prayer and worship with the children.
  • Shares testimonies about all the blessings we encountered as a whole team. Medical and VBS.


  • Went to villages in the mountain for street evangelism
  • Encountered 3 salvations, prayed for 1 healing and blessed many homes of believers
  • Traveled to a garbage village to spend time with the people who lived there and witness the conditions
  • Prayed over the church in the garbage village
  • Went to downtown Cite Soleil and got the chance to see the after effects that are still present from the earthquake

  • Had a worship service with the locals at the mission center church and encountered God moving in the hearts of the congregation members
  • Finished our last day with testimonies and prayers for Haiti and the missionary we worked with


  • Departed from Haiti -> Fort Lauderdale -> Charlotte
  • Encountered a big problem with our flight at Charlotte and hardships because of mistakes made by the airline. But through it God gave us opportunities to meet Him through the struggle and gave us opportunities to meet and pray with people at the airport.
  • Had to stay the night at Charlotte and wasn’t able to fly back to Cincinnati as planned


  • We had to split up in 3 different teams to fly back to Cincinnati in different flights
  • My team stayed until almost 6pm in the airport but through that time was able to reflect on the mission trip and have joyful fellowship

  • Through God’s good graces was finally able to make it back home!

This list was really brief and summarized and the pictures are only a few from my phone (there will be more to come).

But overall this mission trip was filled with blessings and the presence of God. Words can’t express how much God has truly done to us and through us in Haiti. I was able to encounter my Father and be used by Him in His perfect ways and I have been blessed. God is good!

I saw God today.

Did you?

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Today was the last Sunday before we head off to Haiti tomorrow. Therefore there were a lot of last minute things I needed to do today on top of giving my sermon during the third service. I woke up with a bad stomach ache which caused me to leave later than planned to church. So from the get go I was already a little overwhelmed and anxious to start my day but the joy of the Lord was still in my heart.

Our youth pastor gave the sermon for first service today and his message was exactly what I needed to hear. The sermon was on Luke 10:38-42 “at the home of Martha and Mary”.

The verses explain how Martha and Mary who were sisters were awaiting Jesus and His disciples to come to their home. Martha was busy in preperation and getting things especially ready for Jesus while Mary just sat at His feet when He came. Then Martha started to complain about Mary not helping her during the preperation and questioned why she would be at the feet of Jesus when everything isn’t ready.

That’s when I asked myself. Am I Martha or am I Mary. And the conclusion was I tend to be Martha. I get too caught up in preparing and getting things to be perfect before I serve God and forget that He is already here. Sometimes I serve “serving” more than I serve Him.

I’m glad I heard this message in the morning because it gave me the correct heart to go through my Sunday as well as give me the right heart for the mission trip. I was reminded to never forget the purpose of serving. Also God spoke to me to never let the preparations distract me from Him. Sometimes He is there much sooner than we expect so we must always be aware.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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Today was our final mission meeting before we set off on Monday. I cannot believe that in 3 days we will be on our way to Haiti. For our final preperation meeting meeting today we packed up all of our ministry things together. All the instruments, VBS material and medical items.

After we did all that we went through final touches in our skits and worship songs. Now we are completely finished with all of our preparations. But God gave me a very powerful revelation today.

Even though all of our physical and external things are prepared we are not finished preparing our hearts. Just because we are done packing our bags and memorizing skits and songs doesn’t mean we are done and ready to go. Because none of these mean anything if our hearts aren’t in the right place.

So God has encouraged me not just relax and wait until Monday but rather be even more diligent in getting my heart in the right place. Ultimately it’s not our preparations that will be the factor in our ministries, but God. Missions is about following God and His lead rather than doing what we desire. It’s not about about fitting everything to match our plans but for us to fit into God’s plans. The only way we can do that is if our hearts are aligned with His.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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Got to church a little bit before 3 and did mission preperation and practice til 8 with the VBS team. It was such a blessing to prepare not just ministry but our hearts together. God is continuously reminding me the importance of corporate worship and how worship is what unifies us.

After practice we went straight into youth Friday night service. It was great to extend our worship with not just the team but with the other members of youth group as well.

As we were worshipping I couldn’t help but pay attention to the voice right next to me. It was a girl who just came up into youth group who is 11 years younger than me. Lol. But I couldn’t help but be touched by her worship. To hear such a beautiful sound. Her heart being sung out to the Lord in purity and innocence. A true heart of worship.

More and more lately I am understanding the meaning of having a childlike heart. And my hope in Haiti is to encounter more children of God that are so hungry to worship Him!

I saw God today.

Did you?

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This coming Sunday our mission team will be performing one of our VBS songs in Haitian Creole. Singing and dancing, the whole package. So today we met with the whole team so the VBS team could teach the medical team the moves.

To be honest at first I didn’t know how it was going to go. The VBS song movements are pretty childish because we will be doing it for the kids but the medical team is mostly adults and I wasn’t sure how “into it” they would get.

But God proved me wrong. The practice time was filled with joy and earnest hearts. Everyone gave there everything to learn and practice and we were able to be finished in an hour. I believe the reason we were able to do so was because everyone was unified with the heart of worship.

Even though we are two separate ministry teams we are one team and one body in Christ. God reminded us all of that tonight. It doesn’t matter what we do, if we have the correct heart we can all do it together.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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I can’t believe our Haiti mission trip is less than a week away now. I don’t know how everyone else on the team feels but for me I’m starting to truly feel excited. God has placed in my heart a hunger to worship Him and that’s what I believe this mission trip is about. Worship.

We still have a lot to prepare for our VBS ministry that I’m leading and there’s a lot on my plate but through it all I am filled with true joy. Today’s VBS preperation meeting reaffirmed that joy.

As we were trying to memorize the Haitian Creole lyrics, get the dances down and prepare for the skit the atmosphere in the room was of peace and happiness. God led us not to be in worry or stress but rather to have fun while getting ready. Today I was able to see a group of individuals having fun while serving the Lord. Not a single grumble or frown but only smiles and laughter. As a leader and a fellow member there is nothing more I could ask for than a team that joyfully wants to do God’s will.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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Our youth pastor is out of town this week so I had the privilege to lead the youth service tonight. God put it on my heart to spend more time in small groups with discussion and prayer rather than give a sermon. Recently we haven’t been having a high attendance so we weren’t able to break up into small groups but today we had more than enough kids come which was such a blessing.

For our Haiti mission trip this summer the majority of our team is actually youth kids. During our first meeting last week I encouraged everyone to write in a journal and pray daily for the trip. During our small group I was able to have a handful of kids be in my group that are going to the mission trip. We shared about how our weeks have been and when one of our brothers shared I was shocked and humbled.

He said that this past week he has fasted a meal every day and has been in prayer and writing in his journal. We have set days for each member to fast but he decided to fast every day. Not because he had to but because he wanted to.

Honestly it has been challenging for myself to be in prayer every day this week. But to see this brother and his intentional heart was really encouraging and humbled me greatly.

It’s great to witness God moving in his heart and already preparing him for the mission trip. He has been doing what I wish I was. I believe that God has challenged me through him tonight to motivate me to continue to have the heart for this mission trip. I just want to say thank you to him and God for speaking to me.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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