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It’s only Tuesday and I have been slammed this week with loads of homework to do. It’s been a tad overwhelming but I’m getting through everything pretty well. Even though I try to stay positive stress does seep in to an extent. 

As I was driving to the chiropractor after class I had the radio playing instead of my usually Spotify. I haven’t really updated my playlists for my worship songs and since I listen to them every day I kind of wanted a break. But as I was driving listening to the radio God convicted me of getting back to worship. I didn’t know what to listen to and that is when I remembered seeing a post on Facebook from a worship leader Rick Pino stating he released a new album, so I turned that on. 

The first song that came on was “Lift up your hands” which was actually a song that I saw him perform live when I was at DIscipleship training school in Hawaii. I haven’t heard the song since, which has been 4 years now. The moment I listened to it I was filled with joy. It was extremely nostalgic. 

I could remember being in the Ohana courtyard with about a thousand other brothers and sisters worshipping to this song. Goin back to that memory brought back many emotions, one being true joy and happiness. I could remember that exact moment. Standing in the congregation shoulder to shoulder with my friends, with shorts and a tank top and no shoes, jumping up and down with my hands up praising God. 

I’m glad God brought me back to that time of my life through this song today. I was reminded of a season of my life where I felt free as can be and joyful beyond measure. But what God reminded today was that I can have that heart of worship and be that way here and now. It doesn’t have to just be a past season but I can make it be a current season as well. God has convicted me to be joyful, passionate and free. To not be constrained by my current stresses but rather be free in Him. 

I saw God today. 

Did you? 

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Every Tuesday at the University of Cincinnati’s they have a Korean college ministry. Each week a different pastor comes to deliver the message and I found out that this week my old children’s/youth pastor would be the guest speaker.

My best friend and I, who I actually met at VBS around 11-12 years ago while he was our pastor decided to go tonight to see him. It’s been 7 years since he moved onto to another church to be the senior pastor. We don’t get to see him much but he was someone who has had the biggest impact in my life, not just as a Christian but as a person. But it’s been years since I’ve heard him preach so I really wanted to go hear him and get to catch up with him tonight.

His message was titled, “staying small, humbled and faithful”. It was the most perfect message for me from the perfect person. Hearing these words that I really needed to hear coming from him really touched my heart. That’s when I knew God had this planned all along.

But what also really moved me was my interaction and conversation I had with him afterwards. So being in ministry and having the title I have I get treated by people in a respectful way (not trying to sound egotistical lol). People view me as a pastor or leader but the moment I started talking with my pastor I felt like a child again. It felt just like 7 years ago when I was in youth group, silly immature me, with him as my youth pastor. It was so refreshing and humbling to get a taste of old times. It’s crazy to see how much has changed through the years but at the same time crazy to see how much has stayed the same. It’s always a blessing to have moments like this to take a step back and get reminded of my roots.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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