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Today was my third time at the chiropractors office this week. But my appointment today was the most important one. The doctor went over all of my examinations and X-rays and explained what plan we would have to go towards for me to get better.

The results of everything was as I expected to be. Pretty bad, but it was encouraging to hear that they could heal me. I was a little shocked though to hear that I would have to see them on a consistent basis for 12 months but I am willing to do whatever it takes.

But something happens that shocked me even more. It was time to go over my payment plan for all the adjustments and examinations. He handed me over the paper and for the line of the payments due there was a zero.

Then he looked at me and said that they have a policy for pastors where they charge nothing. Absolutely nothing. No money for the adjustments, examinations, appointments and X-rays. Then before I could say anything he looked into my eyes and told me thank you. He said “Thank you for taking care of the spiritual needs of others and serving God’s kingdom. As a sign of appreciation for your services we want to give you the physical healing that you need.” 

When he said those words tears started to well up in my eyes and I became speechless. I just thought to myself; who am I to deserve such a blessing. I should be the one saying thank you but he thanked me first. This doctor deserves to be paid for all the services that he has done for me and will do for a whole year but instead he wanted to bless me and all the other pastors and servants of the Church.

I couldn’t believe it. It’s so amazing to witness people like this in the world today. Individuals who want to serve God’s kingdom selflessly. Through him I encountered God’s grace today. Even though I am undeserving God poured His blessings unto me and I am so thankful. What blessed me was not even the lifting of the financial burden but the heart and conviction and vision that this man had and his servant heart. I aspire to be as selfless as he is and be that true vessel for God to move through me to bless others.

I saw God today.

Did you?

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