If you know me you will now that I am most definitely not a morning person by any means. I just don’t do mornings. People call me an owl because I’m more alive at 3am at night than anytime in the day. I literally sometimes think I’m nocturnal. 

But being the director for vbs this year I have to be at church earlier than I would usually like. I try to get there by 7:45 each morning. These past couple days mornings were a struggle and I would be pretty grumpy and groggy when I got to church. But today was very different. 

I woke up a little past 6 am (which is when I sometimes go to bed lol) and I felt great. I got ready while singing and worshipping and set off for my day. I was all smiles and happiness this morning during our staff meeting and getting things prepared. The reason I think this was the case is because I absolutely love doing vbs. 

Walking into an empty church, knowing that in a few hours the halls and rooms will be filled with God’s children ready to learn about Him. Knowing the quietness will soon be interrupted with rejoicing sounds of laughter and worship really excites me. 

How could I not be filled with joy and excitement? There’s a particular song from our vbs this year that wouldn’t depart from my mind or lips this morning. 

It is a happy day knowing that the day will be filled with children meeting and encountering the living God. What a way to start the day, with anticipation and expectations knowing God will do something amazing. 

I saw God today. 

Did you? 

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