Since my mom is in Korea I’ve been going to my dad’s shoe repair shop every day to help out. Today’s original plan was to help out for a little and then go to church to do some final preparations for vbs. But things didn’t go as planned and I ended up being at my dad’s til close with my sister. 

I wasn’t there because I had to or needed to but because I wanted to. Especially these past few months I’ve been crazy busy and haven’t really had much time to spend with my dad especially. Sometimes by the time I get home my dad’s in bed so I don’t get to see home for days at times. 

Even though I had things I could have been doing today I wanted to take full advantage and just be with my dad. It’s a great time being with him, helping out and just spending quality time together. Whenever I’m with Him it’s always a time of joy and peace. He is someone I can talk to about everything and someone who always knows how to make me laugh. 

Especially this weekend with vbs right around the corner I’ve been feeling the stress and anxiety slowly kicking in. So it was a much needed time to take my mind off of things and be with the greatest guy in the planet, my dad. I’m blessed and thankful God gave me this opportunity today to take time away from everything else and spend it with my family. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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