With vbs right around the corner I’ve super busy getting things together and being at church for many hours every day. With that being said I’ve been on edge a bit and a tad sensitive. Today I felt the enemy getting a little closer and using my current state to have me fall. I did hinder with anger and negative emotions but in the midst of that I was challenged by God to take a breath and just call out His name. 

That’s the reality of ministry. Whenever something big is about to happen the enemy approaches, but in those times are when we are to be even more firm and strong in our faith. We cannot let our flesh get the best of our spirit. 

To regain ground and be rejuvenated once again I took time for myself which I haven’t really been able to do these past few weeks. I went to the golf range, washed my car and went grocery shopping. During all those activities I recollected my thoughts and found peace in and joy in Him. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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