We are finally done with vbs decorations and now officially 6 days away from vbs. This week is dedicated to doing our final program preparations and for me to have meetings with all our crew and station leaders. I was at church before one of my meetings preparing some things when my computer started acting up pretty bad. I wasn’t able to open any of my apps or open any of my documents. That’s when panic mode kicked in because all my vbs stuff that’s crucial in preparation is saved on my computer. 

It couldn’t have been any worse timing. I was able to finish all my meetings and do everything I needed to for the day without getting to the documents but I need them for the rest of the week. I’m really bad with computers and I had no idea what to do so I began to freak out because without my computer I’m doomed for vbs. So I called my best friend who is a tech wiz to see if he could help me out despite his busy schedule. 

He met up with me as soon as possible and started to scope things out. After about 4 hours he was able to figure everything out and now my computer is like new. It was such a relief and I am so thankful he was able to come through. If it wasn’t for him I couldn’t imagine what would have happened for me. He came in clutch. 

Moments like these I’m so thankful and blessed to have brothers like him in my life. Even though he is very busy and has a lot going on he took time out of his schedule to help me out in a time of need. I’m really grateful to have selfless people like him in my life that are always looking out even when I don’t deserve it. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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