I feel like God gives me countless reminders how blessed I am to have the family I do. This weekend, today especially was another one of those reminders. 

As my dad and sister was in Chicago over the weekend taking my mom to O’hare airport to fly out to Korea, I went up to my aunt and uncles house in Columbus yesterday after church until today. When I got up there yesterday I was greeted with a delicious steak dinner and today, a morning filled with fishing with my uncle on this beautiful Memorial Day. 

After fishing and grabbing some lunch and spending some time with them I headed back to Cincinnati. As soon as I got home I caught up with my dad and sister about their time in Chicago. Then after we ate dinner my mom FaceTimed us. 

My mom suddenly went to Korea because my grandma who is 96 has been feeling very ill, so my mom went for the first time in 9 years to spend some quality time with her. To see my mom next to my grandma really was quite emotional for me. Mixed emotions both sad and joyful (mostly joy). The reality is my grandma is 96 but to know my mom is able to spend time with her and catch up on missed years is truly a blessing. 

There really is nothing like family. Something I’ve realized recently is that I’ve let my busy schedule get in the way of me and my family, spending quality time and embracing every moment. But as I was encountering all these blessings today something one of my mentors told me a few ago stood out, “Even though ministry may get busy always make time for family, family is also a priority”. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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