Today was our final day of VBS decorations! I was at church from 2-9 with other brothers and sisters and we finally completed all of our decorations. It was a long, exhausting and busy day but a successful one. After about 3 weeks we have finished and it feels great. 

I left church and was on my way to drop someone off when one of our church members who is a close family friend gave me a call. She knew I was home alone since my family is in Chicago over the weekend. It was almost 10 but she told me to come over to their house. To be honest I was a little tired and wanted to go home but I went anyways and boy am I glad I went. 

Their family and I spent about an hour making dumplings today for a late night snack. It was super fun and ultimately super delicious. The whole time was filled with laughter and great conversation. 

As I was over at their home I couldn’t help but be thankful and joyful. Thankful that through the relationships God has allowed I have people who I can call family. People who I can encounter God’s love through and with. Church really is a beautiful place where special relationships are able to be formed all through God’s love. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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