My mom is going to Korea this weekend. This will be her first time since 2008. That’s 9 whole years she hasn’t been able to see all of her siblings and most importantly my grandma. My grandma has gotten suddenly ill so we decided it would be best for my mom to go spend time with her in Korea. 

My mom always has the desire to go to Korea to see her family since all of her side lives over there. But due to taking care of the family she never really gets the chance. She really deserves this trip and I am so glad she has this opportunity to reunite with her family and spend time with my grandma. 

I’m not the only one who thinks she deserves this time for herself. I was shocked and it really moved me to see how many people wanted to bless her before going on this trip. Multiple people have been stopping by our house over the last few days giving her cards and gifts supporting her and all telling her how much she deserves this time. 

My mom is someone who loves unconditionally. Through her love I experience the selfless love of God. It’s been really nice being able to see her receive love and be loved by others. Through the gestures of many I know she has been encountering the love of God. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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