It’s officially our third week of doing vbs decorations. We have been meeeting every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for these past weeks doing these decorations. Each day we have been spending about 5 hours getting things done. Since I’ve been at church so much doing decorations I’ve been asked by countless number of people why we are spending so much time decorating for vbs, why we are doing it so ahead of time, why we are focusing so much on decorations. 

The answer that continues to pop up in my head is “why not?” Why not spend hours and days into preparing something for our children. Why not give our time and energy to put value in this ministry. Why not? 

A lot hit me today while I was doing decorations. The reality is, the hours we put cutting things out, taping things up etc. won’t really be noticed. Some of the things that take so much time don’t even look like a big deal. But it doesn’t matter, it’s the heart that goes behind it all. Honestly if we were doing all this for applause and human eyes we wouldn’t be able to do it, point blank. But the only reason we do what we are doing is for the Kingdom of God. Period. 

This experience is helping me be appreciative of all the people that serve God and the church behind the scenes. A lot of times it’s us the pastors who get the appreciation and attention. But the reality is for us to be able to do our job we need others like secretaries, prayer teams, media team, janitors etc. God has really been leading me to being thankful and noticing all the people who serve that goes unnoticed. For one part of the body to move we need the other parts. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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