One of the biggest blessings in being at one church for all my life and serving at my home church is having the opportunity and privilege to grow with others through the years and witness growth in others. These people who I call my congregation are not just my church members but family, my brothers and sisters in Christ. Especially the youth kids, I’ve seen mostly all of them grow since they were in children’s ministry, and today we had graduation service sending off our high school seniors who all have a special place in my heart. All throughout today’s service I felt more than a proud leader but a proud older brother to see my younger siblings completing one chapter and moving on to the next. 

  • Seeing them stand before the congregation as young men and women of God I could see how much they have grown. Throughout their years in youth group they have been molded by the hands of God to fit into the identity He has created them. 
  • One of our youth boys who truly is like a blood brother to me sang the offering song with his mom. It brought tears to my eyes to see him worshipping God along side his mom in closing this chapter of his life.
  • Also during the service we had a time to promote our VBS. We had our body worship team come on stage and perform one of the VBS songs. As I sat there watching I couldn’t help but feel so proud of my team. 

These moments are what ministry is all about. Pouring into the lives of others to draw them closer to God and bring growth. Days like today I’m truly blessed and thankful God gives me the countless opportunities to serve Him and my brothers and sisters in Christ. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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