We had a graduation party at church today for all our high school graduates in youth group. It was a great time of fellowship and enjoying each other’s company. After the celebrations we did vbs decorations with everyone that is volunteering. But we had one kid help who actually can’t make it during vbs, but through him I was really blessed. 

The AC was not working today at church. It couldn’t have been a worse day, with it being over 80 and extremely humid. Inside of the church felt even worse. I tried to stay positive as possible but I was nonstop sweating and I found myself even complaining. 

But through it all that one boy was smiling for the whole 5+ hours he was helping out. The reality is he didn’t even have to be there, he didn’t have to help. But out of the kindness in his heart and his desire to serve God he was giving it his everything. 

Constantly he would come up to me and ask what more he could do. That attitude really was inspiring and encouraging to me. God gave me conviction through him today. Conviction to always be optimistic and be joyful in all circumstances serving God.

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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