Today was the first time in the longest time I took the day fully to chill, relax and take some time for myself. I usually feel guilty on days I take off from everything but today I didn’t. While I was relaxing a prayer someone prayed over me a few weeks ago popped into my head when he said rest is a calling too. So with no guilt, I took the day to just chill and it was great. 

  • Started the day with lunch outside in the beautiful sunny 80+ degree weather with a friend
  • Continued soaking in the sun with a dopio espresso over ice (my favorite) in my hand
  • Stopped by my dad’s shop and hung out with my parents and had some good conversation 
  • Went to the driving range to work on my rusty golf game that I’ve been meaning to do forever 
  • Had a nice home cooked meal with the family 
  • Went shopping with my mom and sister 
  • Continued to eat more food lol

Overall it was a great day, a day I could spend with my mind off of things as much as possible and take a breather and enjoy every bit of life. Days like today God reminds me the importance of finding time for rest and making sure I’m pursuing happiness in all that I do. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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