After a mountainous few weeks of too much stress and overcapacity, through the grace of God, I am finished with this semester! I can’t believe I am officially one semester away now from graduating. Words can’t express how I feel right now. 

Every “end of the semester” is challenging but this time it was a total new beast to conquer. Usually it’s only finals and academics I need to worry about but this semester I had just too many things to do at one time. Finals + VBS preparations + Ordination process + Ministry = too much. 

I honestly doubted myself these past few days that I would be able to overcome these responsibilities, so to be done with atleast one thing on my checklist is such a relief. I usually don’t say this but I’m pretty proud of myself. But more I think of it there is no way in the world I could have finished without the constant provision and motivation from God. Every time I felt the weight on my shoulders get heavy and defeat knocking at my heart God whispered in my ear and gave me the push I needed. 

As soon as I got home from completing my last finals and the relief sank in, I took a deep breath in through my nose, out through my nose and smiled. Thanking God. Through these last few weeks God has revealed so many things to me. 

  • I am weak but He is strong. 
  • Everything He has set me to do is in His will. Even though it may be challenging for me to get through, with reliance on Him all is possible. 
  • To not underestimate myself, rather, always put my trust in Him. 
  • To find joy no matter the circumstances. 
  • Ultimately, everything is going to be okay. Why? Because I have God on my side. 
  • To never cease being thankful. 

God is good. He really is. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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