These last few days I’ve been nonstop on the go with constant things to do with finals and ministry and it felt like everything was catching up to me today. I spent most my afternoon trying to work ahead in writing one of my final papers and I got a lot of it done but then I started to really feel burnt out and unmotivated. I felt like my body and brain was begging for a break. 

That’s when God helped me pump the brakes and made me take a step back from being overly ambitious. The guy that is leading the decorations for vbs was starting everything today and he told me I don’t need to come so I could do finals stuff but God really convicted me to take a break from studying and go help with the decorations instead. To be honest making that decision was a little hard because I had goals of finishing a couple papers by tonight so I could get things out of the way, but I knew I needed to just stop for the day and do something else. 

I’m definitely glad I went to help with decorations. It was a much needed break and it gave me time to take a breath and get distracted and get my mind off of school work for a few hours. Also throughout the time I was at church I was able to spend time with my brother talking about faith and getting to know each other a little more. It was a good time. 

Sometimes we do need to allow God to distract us. It’s okay to let God intervene and change our plans a bit. At the end of the day God knows what we need more than we do and he understands our capability more than we do. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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