Everything was going well today until I faced a big bummer that spoiled my day a bit. So I’ve been rushing to get a ton of paper work done before an interview for my ordination process that was to be this coming Sunday. So this past week I have been slammed with getting this stuff done on top of vbs stuff on top of finals. The amount of work I have had to do these past few days really was killer and today I submitted my last piece of paper work before the interview. So I called one of the pastors on the board to tell her I’m ready and she told me I actually had to pick a different day for the interview since it’s Mother’s Day. 

I was really bummed out. Super disappointed that I rushed to get all this stuff done on top of everything else and to know I didn’t have to. To be honest it really put me in a bad mood and I was super unmotivated after that call. But I still had to finish a final tonight, so I decided to take a break, hopefully lighten up and get back to working. 

So I left the coffee shop I was at to go home for dinner. I walked in the kitchen and I couldn’t help but smile because my mom made one of my favorite meals for dinner. That atleast brightened my mood a little bit. Then after dinner I went to Starbucks to work on my paper. I felt this motivation come from nowhere and I was able to finish over 5 pages of it in about an hour. Again that brightened my mood.

But I needed a little break before I finished so I went to school. The fire kept burning and I finished the last 7 pages in less than two hours. That really brightened my mood. While at school I met up with my close friend who I haven’t seen since Thursday and that brightened me up even more. 

Today God taught me a lesson. Even though disappointments may happen and things may dampen my day, I can find joy in the little things that make up for it. But what that also taught me was that God’s blessings are sizeless. A lot of times we look for big, in your face blessings but even in the smallest things we can find God loving us. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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