From the get go today was hectic and busy. It was our first day for VBS registration, so I had to get everything ready with the team before everyone got to church. But of course when I’m in a rush we have computer and printing malfunctions, but at the end of the day everything worked out and our registration table looked great! 

But from the start of the day everything was a little weird, just everything seemed a bit off. Since last night I was freaking out because I couldn’t find my USB for children’s ministry which has everything I need. It’s always in my briefcase but I emptied out everything yesterday from it but it was nowhere to be found. But after service today I went into my bag to get something else and the USB was just sitting there… praise God but I literally have no idea how it got there. Super weird. But that was just the beginning. 

So my routine when I get to church on Sundays is taking out all my important stuff like wallet, car keys, church keys and cash and putting in my bag in my office so I don’t have to carry everything around all day. But since I was in a rush today I forgot to do that and had everything in my pockets all day expect my car keys which I left on my desk. The only day I ever carried my stuff with me was the day that our office got robbed. 

Yes, robbed. I got done with a meeting and my sister walked into the room with my car keys. I was confused why she had my keys, and she looked really shaken up. So what happened was someone robbed our Pastor’s office, took everyone’s car keys that was on our desks and went through the cars, took stuff out of them and through all the keys in the parking lot. I couldn’t believe it. 

But for some reason, some how, I was the only one who didn’t get anything taken at all. My car was untouched (I’m guessing the robber didn’t have time to get into my car) and I had all my important stuff with my and not in my office today. But the terrible thing is that the other pastor’s got things stolen, phone and money. 

It really breaks my heart that someone would come into a church on a Sunday during service and steal from a pastor office. Usually I would be angry and condemning but God did something different in my heart through this situation. He led me to be thankful that everyone was okay and it wasn’t worse than it was. But God also led me into a heart of compassion for whoever this person was. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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