This past week has left me overwhelmed and exhausted. But the crazy thing is everything is just getting started. Busy is the only word I can use at the moment to describe my life but it’s interesting because even though I’m busier than a normal human should be, I still do enjoy everything that I’m doing, but it’s just come to a point where I have reached my capacity. 

Today it felt like everything was catching up to me and started feeling extremely agitated and stressed out. But God forced me to press pause, rewind and not focus on my current situation but rather remember the rewards that I have experienced through difficult times in the past. It happened in the most unexpected way. 

I had questions on some paper work I was doing for my ordination process so I met up real quick with a fellow pastor who is doing the process with me. We were working together when randomly out of the blue he asked me about Discipleship Training School I did through YWAM a few years back. Then naturally I found myself telling him all these stories from then and reminiscing on those times. 

That season of my life definitely was the greatest time thus far. Those moments changed my life and have played a pinnacle role in forming who I am today. I have the greatest memories from back then and by thinking about them really changed the mood of my day and gave me a sense of joy in my heart that I’ve been missing. I’m thankful God helped derail me from my stress and guided me into remembering what all He has done and all the blessings He has been and continues to pour into my life. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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