For almost two years now since I added public theology as a concentration to my major I have been challenged to live a faith life that is holistic. For our our classes we have focused on how to apply our theology to all aspects of life ranging from food, justice, ecology, rest etc. While taking these classes and looking at my life God has really been revealing to me how I must strive to live out my faith in all realms of my daily life. 

Today God convicted and challenged me but it wasn’t through class. For Refresh tonight we were invited to one of our church members home for dinner, fellowship and a mini-seminar he prepared. He is one of our biggest supporters since the beginning, always being there for us in prayer and advice. He is a business professor at Miami University Oxford and he has also an author of a book on Christian money management. So today he prepared a short seminar to teach us how to manage finances and be responsible with money as young adults. 

Everything he taught us was really convicting to me personally. I was reminded that in all that I do, even in the way I spend and save money, I have to do with consciousness of my faith. Even the way I deal with money is a way I live out my faith. 

The reality is as Christians we tend to compartmentalize our faith. We only apply our Christian values to certain elements of our life, but the truth is that in all that we do we must do it as stewards of God’s Kingdom. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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