It has been one busy but productive day. I had a very extensive to-do-list and one item on the list was to go to the Family Christian Bookstore to get Bibles for our kids that are graduating children’s ministry and going into youth group. This was supposed to be a quick errand before I did some more time consuming things. 

The thing was I forgot to wear my watch today and I had a handful while I was in there so couldn’t look at my phone. I don’t know how but I spent almost an hour in the store but didn’t regret it at all. The heart breaking this is that the store is going out of business, this has been the Christian book store I’ve been going to ever since I was a kid, so to see it go really sucks. But because they are going out of business the sales were crazy and maybe that’s why I was in there for so long lol. 

God spoke to me while I was in their. I stood there in the book section for a really long time just looking through novel after novel. That’s when God gave me confirmation about something. 

For a very long time I’ve had a dream and something on my bucket list that I am hoping to check off during my break after graduation before seminary which is to write a book. I have about 8 months in between graduation and seminary and I have originally planned to start writing my book but recently I was second guessing that. But today as I was standing there gazing upon all these books, God confirmed it in my heart. This is something I truly desire to do and I believe God will allow me to accomplish it. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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