These past couple of days I have been feeling the battle between me and stress/anxiety increase. I have really tried to overcome these feelings but it’s getting more and more difficult and today I found myself at the verge of hitting my limit and really getting burnt out. It’s been an internal fight, fighting against my own self and let myself get the best of me. This isn’t my first rodeo when it comes to trying to balance ministry and school, but this time it feels like all the heavy stuff is piling up at one time. 

To be honest it took a lot of leaning on God today and finding peace from Him to get through everything at church. When I got home I was feeling extremely fatigued and drained, but my day just begin, because we went to Outcry concert tonight. Usually I would be super excited and thrilled for such an opportunity of worship but today I wasn’t feeling up to it but didn’t have a choice to go. 

But oh boy am I glad I went. Worshipping with Elevation Worship, Lauren Daigle and Jesus Culture was absolutely unreal. It was exactly what I needed and I believe it was a gift from God. While worshipping tonight I felt true freedom, experienced my chains fall off and the peace and joy of the Lord flow within my soul. I’m so thankful for this privilege tonight, for this blessing God has given me to find healing and restoration. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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