It’s been a really really long day for me. Left my house around 9:30am and got home around 9:30pm. One of those days with back to back things to do, constantly busy. To be honest it has been a day contacting some struggles, stress and anxiety, but looking back there were definitely more positives than negatives. 

One of the biggest things I’m thankful for and realized today was how many opportunities God has given me throughout the day to talk about Him and listen to others talk about Him. It started off with this small group/mentoring group my friend and I lead for the introduction to public theology students. Today’s topic was on disabilities and we looked at this topic through many different perspectives and with a theological tone. It was a great opportunity for our group to dig deeper in a hard topic and discover God and how we see God in this realm. 

After the group I went to my theological ethics in the novel class. This class is fully conversation based and today’s topic was Christian apologetics and evangelism. We simply shared our views on these topics and listened to what others had to say. Honestly there were many views and comments said in the class that I disagreed with and I could keep myself from being passive and I was convicted and led to share my thoughts. In that time it was really refreshing being able to share with others my beliefs but also attempt to look through the eyes of others. 

Right after class I went to meet one of my fellow pastors who I’m doing the ordination process with to talk about some stuff before we went to our ordination mentor group meeting. We have assignments we do before each meeting and I met with the pastor to talk about our answers. It was nice being able to have that one on one time and look at certain things together and have discussion. 

I was truly thankful for our ordination mentor group meeting. We spent 3 hours talking about God, our process, ministry, life etc. Having such a diverse group and to see so many perspectives about God and other faith based elements is really amazing. 

All day today God has challenged me to really think about Him, talk about Him and listen to others talk about Him. Through today I was reminded once again how important it is in our faith to be in conversation. It’s hard to understand God on our own but it’s a little less hard when we gather together. 

I saw God today.

Did you?

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