I had the privilege to attend a Veritas-Forum which is an academic conversation between two scholars from opposite spectrums that discuss specific topics. The reason I went today was to see the great theologian and author of our time N.T. Wright. The forum was between him and a philosopher answering “life’s biggest questions”. The questions were for example, what is life? Who are we? What role do humans play in the world? Etc. 

To be brutally honest I went into the event with a fear. A fear that I might be shaken by what the philosopher had to say and leave questioning some of my core understandings of faith, God, life etc. I was scared that some of the pre-existing thoughts and beliefs I held were going to be challenged. But just the fact that I had these fears frightened me and questioned how firm I was in my faith. 

But as the conversation went on and N.T. Wright spoke and the philosopher spoke and discussed the questions all my fears were shattered. Everything Wright was saying aligned with my beliefs, confirmed them and gave me even more evidence to have confidence. Honestly the things that the philosopher said did make sense but were not convicting at all. 

In this moment God revealed Himself to me. Revealed how there is no reason at all for me to doubt Him and especially not doubt the inevitable truths I believe. I must continue to stand firm in my faith and in my beliefs. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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