A couple days ago my theological themes in the novel professor took the time to listen to my claim and bumped my essay grade up by 10 percent. I was truly thankful that he was willing to hear what I had to say and do that for me. But in response he had one request from me, to speak in class and contribute to the class discussions. Because the truth is I haven’t spoken at all so far in the semester. 

Him asking that especially after what he did for me was really convicting. All that he wanted was for me to share my thoughts during class time. He said through my writings he could tell I had good things to say but would like to hear them shared. 

So I took that conviction and turned it into action today. I didn’t open my laptop to make sure I wouldn’t get distracted and I have my undivided attention to the class discussion and spoke multiple times. It was actually really rewarding and I realized a lot through that.

I made a connection with my relationship with God. He showers us with blessings even when we don’t deserve it and all that He desires is just a little gesture in return. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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