During our break in my class this afternoon I stepped outside to take advantage of the weather before getting back to class. As I was walking back into the building I saw someone was about to leave so I opened the door for her. She was an elderly woman that was in one of my classes last semester. As I opened the door she said thank you and started to walk away when all of a sudden she stopped and told me to wait and came up to me. 

I was a little startled because I’ve never talked to this woman before, just have seen her around, so I had no idea what she was going to say. Then she looked me in the eyes and asked me how my back was doing since my accident (which was in January). I was speechless because I didn’treally know this lady and also I was shocked she remembered my accident. 

After talking to her for a second and feeling thankful I walked away trying to process everything. That’s when it all hit me. In our class last semester my professor prayed for me and my back after my accident and this woman remembered that and has kept me in her prayers even though she didn’t know me. 

It blew my mind and touched my heart that she remembered me and has been praying for me. God showed me His love and care for me through a stranger today. I was encouraged by her and she has challenged me to be loving to others the way she was to me. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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