One thing that has always been a struggle for me is fasting. I’ve tried it many times in the past but it’s always been a real big challenge for me to follow through with. So to be honest fasting is something I try to avoid and always just tell myself that it’s not my thing. 

But for this Good Friday God gave me conviction since last week to fast for this day. As I was reading both Matthew and Mark this week I kept running across Jesus teaching about fasting and it gave me even more conviction. So I decided to do it and do it with a right heart, for the right reason and continue to feed myself with other things instead of food throughout the day, like scripture, worship, prayer and quiet time. 

I started off my day going to morning prayer service at 5:30. It was so nice being in the sanctuary that early, looking at the cross and praying out my heart and crying out to Jesus on such a significant day. In the afternoon I went to a state park about 40 minutes away and hiked a couple miles while praying and stopping every once in a while to read scripture and gaze upon God’s creation. Then before going to service I spent time in my room finishing up reading the book of Matthew. 

Our service went great this evening. It’s always a blessing to be able to preach on Jesus’ last words on the cross and basking in that moment with our congregation. To end the service we took communion and that was the first thing I ate all day. It was really special consuming communion as my first meal and really understanding how Jesus’ body and blood really is all I need in my life to give me life. 

All day today while I was fasting and spending time with God and filling myself up spiritually I was able to realize and be reminded again how important it is to fill our hearts with Him. It’s so important to not be reliant on the worldly things for sustainability and life but rather to be fed by the Spirit. This Good Friday really was special for me and opportunity to truly look upon Jesus and the cross. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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