I’m currently doing an independent study for my courses. So what that is, is instead of going to class you get paired up with a professor and they make a course for you that you need credits for. I needed an Old Testament elective so one of my professors has been kind enough to do an independent study of Genesis. 

The cool thing is that her husband is also a seminary grad and an extremely intelligent guy who is extremely knowledgeable on scripture. So for one of the books I have to read he has offered to meet with me once a week to discuss our readings. Today was our first day trying this out. 

We were supposed to meet at our school coffee shop and I got there but couldn’t find him. So I looked in the student center and found him sitting there with talking with one of my professors who I really respect and look up to. When I walked over my professor told me to grab a seat. 

After some small talk and being time to go do our discussion my professor grabbed both of our hands and asked if he could pray for us. It was really random but how could I refuse a prayer from such a guy. He began praying over me and in that moment I could truly experience the presence of God. I was shocked how he remembered little things I’ve told him in the past about my ministry and future and prayed over that. 

I left that table truly blessed. Blessed by a prayer and blessed to have someone I can call a professor who pursues to pour into my life both academically and spiritually. I’m blessed that God has placed people like him in my life. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?  

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One thought on “HOLD MY HAND 

  1. betterthanthebestnews says:

    Yes I have, I am glad you can see too! God bless you.

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