For Christians Good Friday is a very important, special and meaningful day. For me out of almost all the “Christian Holidays” Good Friday has always been a day that’s particularly special and sticks out to me. But for some reason this Good Friday has been something God has been really convicting my heart for these past couple weeks. 

He has been giving me convictions to do specific things this Good Friday and has really opened my eyes to what this day, the cross and Jesus really means to me personally. This week He has given me the conviction and called me into action to pick a gospel and read through it intentionally preparing my heart for Good Friday. 

Today in particular was really special to me. I don’t have class tomorrow which means no homework to work on, so I spent the evening preparing my message and my heart for Good Friday service. As I spent these hours really digging into the Word and looking into my heart God really moved in me. He has helped take the scales away from my eyes to see Jesus, His ministry, crucifixion and resurrection in a holistic way. To see how everything comes together and to better understand what all this means to me in my faith and my life personally. 

I saw God today.

Did you? 

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