A sad/funny/ironic story is that the first book I ever finished from front to back was in 2013, only 4 years ago. It was the book “Crazy Love” by Francis Chan. But before that I never read, ever. Reading was something I despised and couldn’t find interest for. 

But the ironic thing is that I am about to graduate with my Biblical Studies degree by the end of this year and if anyone knows anything about Biblical Studies should know all we do is read books and write papers. It’s funny how God works sometimes. But through the years I have truly gained a respect and enjoyment for reading, the reason is because I have realized how much I can learn through other people’s writings. More I read more I realize there is so much more to learn. And a weird thing is I desire that. 

Tonight I was reading three different pieces. 1.) a book on ecological theology and the chapter I was reading focused on plastics and our understanding and response to waste and how our wastefulness effects our perspectives on many things in life. 2.) I started a book for my independent study on Genesis. This book focuses on child sacrifice, focusing on the story of Abraham and Isaac, and its written by a Jewish Rabbi. 3.) I’m reading through the book of Mark this week, focusing on Jesus during my personal devotion times for Holy Week. 


As I was reading these 3 different books and realizing how different each one was but also how informative and impactive they are I faced a revelation: there is so much to learn. Learning about God, my own faith, discipleship, history etc. is endless. That reveals so much about God and His character, how endless He truly is. Even though I may never fully know and understand Him, I want to do what I can to pursue knowing Him more. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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