One thing I am definitely not a fan of is classical music. It’s something that has never been my cup of tea. But being in Cincinnati where there is a prestigious music program where a lot of our church members attend I attend many recitals to support our members. But to be really honest I have never really gained the appreciation for classical music, but the recital I attended tonight really moved me in a special way. 

One of my dear friends had her piano Recital tonight. I know how hard she has been practicing and preparing for this night so I went to this one with some expectation and excitement, more because of my friend than the music. 

Through the whole hour of hearing and seeing her play the piano and produce sounds and music I have never heard before I was baffled in the most positive way. It was the first time I realized how beautiful classical music can be. But through that God gave me a revelation and I was able to witness Him through it. 

It’s obvious she has gifts and talents bestowed upon her by God. But for those gifts to manifest and produce she had to put in her effort and hard work. In the same way, God blesses us all with certain gifts and talents but they don’t just come to life and bring fruit automatically. It’s how we tend those gifts and how we practice those talents. We must use what God has given us and put in our own effort to see it come to life. 

I saw God today. 

Did you? 

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