Today was Palm Sunday and something I realized was that for all my life Palm Sunday didn’t really hold much significance in my heart. I always understand the basic story of Jesus entering into Jerusalem and the importance of all that and how He was fulfilling prophecy and how just in a few days He would be taking the cross. I knew all that stuff but what I realized was that I just knew the narrative but didn’t truly know what it meant to me. 

But it all hit me at once this morning. Before service I spent some time reading through John 12 and looking over the story and that’s when it began to sink in a little more. God started to open my eyes to see this story with my heart. And then while I was opening in prayer before my sermon is where I was completely ravished. 

In that moment was when the meaning of Palm Sunday meant something to me personally. God encouraged me to put myself in Jesus’ shoes. To imagine how He was feeling as He was entering into Jerusalem sitting on the back of a donkey, looking upon the people bowing before Him worshipping His name. But to know that those same people would be the ones betraying Him, but even so still looking upon them with love and acceptance. 

That revelation Hit me in the heart. Why? Because I am the person waving the Palm branches singing His praises who turns away. But still Jesus looks at me, loves me and goes to the cross for me. 

I am beyond thankful for what God has done in my heart this morning. He has given this day a new meaning in my life. He has allowed me to have a new perspective in understanding what Jesus has done for me and this world and what part we have in that. 

I saw God today.

Did you?

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