Yesterday morning at 7:20am 8 of us and a dog headed off to Red River Gorge in Kentucky for a camping trip. This trip was mandatory for our ecological theology class and was the best assignment ever. We spent all day yesterday and today there being in the Creation, spending time with the Creator, experiencing it all together. 

It was an extremely needed time for me. This past week was pretty rough with a lot on my schedule and a ton of school work. So for this trip I decided I really needed to disconnect from everything for the 24+ hours away and pursue to connect with God and myself. So as soon as we got to the gorge I turned my phone off, stuck it in my pack and didn’t turn it on until this afternoon when we headed home. 

I couldn’t explain how valuable and beautiful that time was for me. It was challenging yet rewarding at the same time. From almost hiking 10 miles, getting lost on the trails, dealing with my back pains, sleeping in a hammock in 30 degree weather. To seeing stunning evidence of God within His creation, spending time in prayer and meditation, being one team and family building fires, having meaningful conversations, falling asleep while staring straight into the moon, waking up to hearing all of nature singing their own song, finding true satisfaction in eating a simple granola bar, sharing a cup of coffee amongst one another and discovering shalom within my heart that has been hidden beneath all the chaos of life. 

These past couple days have been filled with moments that God has given to me as gifts to restore my mind, body and spirit. To find Him and myself. To witness His hands that have worked and continue to work within the world and in me. To rediscover the value of relationship, relationship with others but most importantly what it means to be in a relationship with the Father. I have learned that sometimes to connect we must first disconnect ourselves from all that has been weighing me down. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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