Since next week is passion week and we are approaching Good Friday and Easter we decided to have Refresh at my house tonight to watch the Passion of The Christ. But to be really honest since I was so drained from all my school work this week and also since I’ve watched the movie multiple times I didn’t really have any excitement or expectation. But I was wrong. 

Watching it this time around really hit me in a new way than before. Maybe it’s because the stage of life I’m in now is different than the last time I watched it but it really hit me deep. It’s obvious many things were added and dramatized but to see a portrayal of Jesus taking the cross for me really moved my heart. 

Watching this movie tonight was just a big reminder for me of how much God loves me. It was a reminder of how I need to live my life and what it means to and what it took for me to be saved. 

So many times we live our lives taking the cross for granted. We devalue what Jesus has done at times and turn it into a self centered thing. But we forget what Jesus had to go through as a human for us to be saved and take part in His Kingdom. 

I saw God today. 

Did you? 

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