What a glorious day it was. I registered for my last set of classes for my last semester here at Cincinnati Christian University. It really blows my mind to know that I am only one semester away from graduating and to know that the end is near. 

While I was registering I was filled with a lot of mixed emotions. It’s crazy how time really does fly by. As I look back at these past few years I am shocked by how much I’ve grown as a student, person, servant of the Kingdom but what really sticks out is how much knowledge I have gained about the Word. That is something I am truly thankful for. 

It’s crazy that a few years back when I was at university of Cincinnati I was a college student failing multiple classes and barely getting by. All my life I’ve been a terrible student. But here at CCU God has helped me and challenged me start from the ground up to mold into the student He has called me to be. 

It blows my mind that I have been able to accomplish and reach all the goals I’ve set for myself to be able to graduate when I hoped to. After semesters like my current one where I’m taking 7 classes plus serving multiple ministries at church I’m honestly proud of myself for making it this far. A lot of people doubted me including myself but all the hard work paid off. Now I’m able to graduate early and take easy classes for my last semester and have a lighter load. 

The verse that popped into my head today was proverbs 12:11. “Those who work their land will have abundant food, but those who chase fantasies have no sense.” I have been able to truly fulfill this in my life through the strength and guidance given by God. Now I know what it means when people say you reap what you sow. Hard work does bring forth abundant fruit. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?


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