I can’t believe it will already be almost three months since I’ve been the children’s ministry pastor. Time flies! It’s been one awesome ride to this point and I feel like it’s only getting better. 

Every month we go through a new series for sermon and Study. February was creation/God as the Creator, March was the fall/sin and since this month is Easter we are focusing on Jesus! This may sound cliche but the gospel, salvation and Jesus are my absolute favorite things to preach and teach on. So as I was preparing last night I couldn’t help but be extremely excited for today’s children’s service.

The theme title for this month is “My Jesus” and today’s subtitle was “Mercy & Grace”. Since we talked about our sin last month I wanted to start this month with the gospel message, what salvation is and how God has poured out His love on us with overflowing grace and mercy through His son Jesus Christ. 

Last month with focusing on sin, it really hit the kids and opened their eyes to their own sinfulness. So as I was preaching about how Jesus is the one who has saved us from those heavy sins and burdens of our lives I saw all the kids eyes light up. They were in awe to encounter the gospel and understand the immense love of God and what the cross means for them. 

I’m that moment I witnessed our children be overwhelmed by the love of Christ and encounter grace and mercy. It was such a powerful moment to see some of these kids experience and accept the gospel for the first time. I knew without a doubt this morning that God finger of love was on every single heart in that room. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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