Yesterday was our youth lock-in and probably my 10th one volunteering and serving at a lock-in. But yesterday’s was the first one I couldn’t stay at for the whole time. It wasn’t because I had something to do or somewhere to go but because of my physical limitations. My back started hurting really bad to the point I couldn’t stay so I had to come home. 

It kind of sucked to realize that my limitations got in the way of my ministry. Today I was pretty disappointed in myself knowing that. But in an odd way God filled my heart with thankfulness through it. 

I’ve realized how thankful I am to know I can’t do the things God has set before me with my own strength. That’s how much more I must lean and rely on God’s strength. I’m so thankful God is continusouly teaching me and revealing to me how much I need Him and not be reliant on myself. Moments like these God is leading me to be a better leader and servant of His kingdom. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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