One of the things that I’ve loved about my school since day one is how we start most of our classes with prayer. A prayer from either a student or a professor. I’m a strong believer in corporate prayer and how ones prayer can represent the heart of the whole. 

Out of all my professors there’s one in particular that really moves my heart with his prayers. The reason I enjoy his prayers is because they are so real and raw. He is honest and doesn’t add anything to make it sound good, he simply speaks to God. 

Before class started today he shared how the topic in which he will be presenting to us was one that’s controversial and something that a lot of people have different views on. Then in his prayer before the lecture he said some words that really struck a chord in me. He said “Father if I am wrong, forgive me”. 

This simple sentence revealed a lot to me. Those words displayed his honest and true heart, his vulnerability as well as humbleness. You don’t see a lot of professors come before the class and say something like this, but his vulnerability moved me. 

But what really was convicting was that he wasn’t asking for forgiveness from the students but instead asking God. The reason this stuck out to me was because I realized that for the longest time whenever I’m preaching or leading a group that I have a fear of saying something wrong and a fear of how the audience will receive it. But my professor cares more about how God felt. He was more concerned on doing wrong towards God instead of his students. 

It’s one thing to be vulnerable before people but I think it’s something totally different to be vulnerable before God. That’s what God has taught me today. To be vulnerable before the Father with a honest and humble heart. To care about what He thinks not others. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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