Something I have been realizing more and more this year is how my life is really split between school life and church life. I have my community at school and separate community at church, but it’s to a point where I feel like at times I’m living two lives. But tonight God gave me the opportunity to bring those two spectrums into one picture. 

Two of my brothers from school joined us at Refresh tonight for Bible study. They came on Sunday to hear me preach and they enjoyed the community and atmosphere so they decided to come out to Refresh. It was so nice being able to interact with these brothers outside a school setting and grow together spiritually. I loved how they were able to experience a side of me they don’t see at school. 

But it got even better. After Refresh one of my dear sisters in Christ and member of Refresh wanted to check out my schools worship service that happens every Wednesday night. So she tagged along with me to go. She was one of the first friends I was able to bring to CCU. It was a blessing to have someone from church experience worship with me at school and outside of our comfort zone. 

It was awesome seeing my two worlds come together tonight. I’m truly thankful that God has given me the opportunities to have two diverse and different communities but I’m also thankful He has allowed for those two communities to blend together. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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