What a day it has been. Something I’ve realized about this semester is that it’s truly one of a kind. There are weeks where I have nothing that’s due and then a week where I’m getting beat up. This week is the latter. 

I decided to skip my class today so I can work on a paper and kid you not I literally spent all day working on this assignment. It was exhausting and took a toll on me but at the same I was able to learn a lot. 

Something about me is that I cannot do homework at home. So instead I go coffee shop hopping to do my work. There’s two reasons I do that. One, I focus better. Two, you never know what you can witness being out in coffeeshops. For ones who know that’s how this blog started, by what I witnessed at a Starbucks. 

Today was no different. I was at a local cafe working on my paper when I saw God in a truly beautiful way. There wasn’t many people there when I got there which was nice. I was able to work in peace with minimal distractions. 

Then of course the door opened and in came 4 young little girls that were probably in like 6th grade and a woman. They sat a couple tables away from me. They were a little loud so I couldn’t help but hear what they were talking about. That’s when I saw God. 

The little girls were gathered preparing a devotional. They were reading verses out of Matthew on the story of Peter walking on water. They were brainstorming how to present this devotional to whatever group they were involved with. 

I couldn’t help but smile to see these little disciplers coming together in preparation to serve the Kingdom. Moments like these I am reminded that there is no age limit in being servants of the Lord. It’s truly inspiring and encouraging to witness children so passionate and servant hearted. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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