Every Friday morning I help lead and mentor a small group for their introduction to public theology class. We go over what they read in the week and try to add to the conversation and invoke deeper thoughts and perspectives. I really do enjoy this because I’m able to walk with a group that’s moving through topics that have really impacted me when I was in their shoes. 

Today’s topic was sins against humanity. How other humans inflict pain or sin against others. Today was a little different than other times because we combined with another group. I’m thankful we were able to do that because it gave us a wider range of perspectives and stances on certain issues. 

The biggest issue that we focused on was social injustice that’s happening towards different people groups. How we view these things and how we are supposed to respond as disciples of Christ. This time was really fruitful and challenging at the same time. 

It was truly encouraging and eye opening to hear the vulnerable stories of some of our members and how these issues have effected them. By others being vulnerable it encouraged me to do the same and I shared things I haven’t ever shared in a group setting before. 

Moments like these God reminds me how powerful vulnerability truly is. By one persons vulnerability another persons hardened heart can be softened. Closed eyes can be opened. New thoughts and motivations can ignite. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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