One thing I’m guilty of and have been for years now is not being ecofriendly or ecologically aware. I don’t know why but it’s something I haven’t ever really put too much thought into or had passion for.  I believe in global warming and climate change but honestly didn’t really think it affected me. 

But my mind has been wrecked recently through my ecological theology class. I have been learning about things I’ve never considered that have seriously altered my understanding and perspective on the current eco-crisis and the importance of being aware. 

I never though that all these ecological initiatives had anything to do with my faith but more I learn I’m realizing it has everything to do with my faith. At the end of the day earth is a creation by the Creator Himself and the reality is human hands and desires are destroying what God has blessed us with. The sad and scary truth is that Creation is being destroyed as we speak and this has been occurring for countless years. 

We had to do a reading last night to prepare for class discussion today and it was based on watershed discipleship. This is a term that’s brand new to me, honestly I had no idea what a watershed was. To simply put we identify geographical locations through man made grids, borders and titles. For example calling a place a city. But what this does is ignore what that kind was originally. The truth is that every location is built around some body of water, whether that be a creek, lake, river, ocean etc. and each location has its own diverse habitat based on the water it’s around. That water is what gives that location life. That’s a watershed. And the beautiful thing is that watersheds were created by God and not by mankind. 

To start off class our professer took us to a hill that’s on campus that overlooks the city of Cincinnati. She had us meditate and look upon our home with a new perspective. As I sat there and looked I couldn’t help but gaze upon the Ohio river flowing next to a city of concrete buildings. What convicted me was knowing that all those buildings have taken dominion over God’s creation. I couldn’t stop imagining what Cincinnati looked like before it was Cincinnati, when it was truly a watershed, a lush valley next to a flowing river in the midst of rolling hills. When it looked more like God’s creation instead of human creation. 

I saw God today.

Did you? 

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