For these past couple of days there has been something constantly on my mind. It’s been the kind of circumstance where you get the conviction and can identify the problem but don’t really know what to do as the solution. That’s how I’ve been feeling, I know God is pulling at me to do something but I’ve just been struggling with finding what to do and getting the motivation to do it. 

Unexpectedly during my Corinthians class today God spoke to me and revealed the guidance I have been in need of. It felt like God just read my mind, because I was thinking about this all day before class and moments after He spoke. I was in awe.

He spoke to me through my professor and through the most unexpected verses. Moments like these I’m reminded that God really does know what I’m thinking, what I desire and what I need to hear. The greatest part is not just that He knows but that He gives answers and guidance. Now it’s my job to take what He has given me and put it in good use. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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