As I was heading out for church I got a snap chat from one of my youth girls and it was a picture of one of our middle school boys who has been training to do audio for our service, doing sound check all by himself. All day I was able to witness similar things happening throughout church. Our next generation stepping up to serve others. 

Lunch was prepared and served by our youth group today. Right after service all the kids were in the kitchen running around getting food ready to serve our congregation. This has been the second time they have ever done this and it’s amazing to see. Every Sunday the adults always make lunch for the church but to see the kids returning the favor was truly a blessing. 

I also had multiple meetings with individuals today to talk about how they can serve the church and do more to serve the Kingdom. Each person I spoke with I could see the passion and desire they had to serve and not be served, to make change and take on the challenges to do God’s will. 

As I was about to leave church to go home I walked through the sanctuary and I saw two of our girls babysitting two little boys as their parents were volunteering. Then I passed the gym and saw a member of Refresh playing with a preschooler. As I spent time today looking around and witnessing so many people serving and loving others it was really inspiring, encouraging and gave me hope. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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