A couple days ago my sister asked me if I would go to this family bowling event her work was hosting. To be honest I hesitated a little at first since I dedicated Saturdays to be my sabbath only a couple weeks ago and I was hoping to get some rest, but on the other hand I really did want to go. I wanted to go for 2 reasons. One, because I wanted to go bowling lol. Two, because I wanted to see my sister with her coworkers since I’ve never really been able to see that outside of a work setting. 

I drove us to the bowling alley but on the way she asked me pick up one of her coworkers. This girl was around my age and seeing how my sister interacted with her was quite interesting. She treated her just like she would treat me, as a sibling. I could sense the intimacy and relationship amongst them which was pretty awesome, because you don’t really see that between coworkers. 

Then at the bowling alley I was a little shocked again. Seeing my sister all my life and the way she loves others wihincour family and at church, I always new she was someone of love. That was exactly the same amongst her work people. She was running around grabbing the food and drinks for everyone, help cleaning up the mess the doctor’s kid made all over the floor and encouraging everyone on their turns. During that time I saw that she truly does love all people and she never stops expressing that love, no matter where she is, who the people are or what circumstance she may be in. 

Another thing about my sister is that she truly is loved by the people around her, espcially our family and people at church. But I was also able to see how much she is loved by her fellow coworkers. Every time she would bowl everyone cheered her on louder than anyone else and would give her high fives left to right. 

Today I was able to witness the sister I know is the person she is to all people. She has love for all and is loved by all. She has always been a role model of mine but today confirmed that once again. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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