What a powerful night it has been. I went into our youth group gathering tonight with no expectations but I came out with witnessing so much and experience the Spirit of God in such a tangible way. 

After service our youth pastor gathered the youth leadership team and me together for a meeting. A meeting that called us into prayers of compassion and intercession. Witnessing my younger brothers and sisters heart truly break for something and crying out to God really moved my heart. Tonight was affirmation once more that the body of Christ is a body that loves and prays, that reaches out to the Father in times of need together. 

After prayer we went into intimate and honest conversations on salvation. Multiple leaders were bold to ask hard questions to seek out answers and guidance. It was a beautiful sight to see them hungry and having desire to know more and be vulnerable to share their questions and doubts. 

Nights like these where we can ask questions and pray together really mean a lot to me. I feel like this is why God calls us to be a body. To be there for eachother and to run to God with one another.

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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