There are many pros and cons going to such a small university of about a thousand students. One of the cons that have always got on my nerves is how there aren’t many options when it comes to classes. For example if there is a class I need it’s only offered during one time slot and it may overlap with other classes needed. Also some required classes are only offered in specific semesters. 

But a pro is that my university offers independent studies if needed. That’s when you get paired up with a professor in the field of class you need and they form a curriculum specifically for you and work with you one on one through the semester. I’m doing my first one this semester because I’m in need of some classes to graduate in the winter. 

Thankfully I’m able to do it with my favorite professor. I’m in need of a Pentateuch elective (first 5 books of the OT) and my professor was kind enough to let me pick which book of the Pentateuch I wanted to do. So I chose Genesis since it’s a book I have read many times but have a desire to know about more in depth. 

So far I have done one assignment and even though it was really time consuming I really did learn a lot and enjoyed it. I met with my professor a couple days ago to discuss what other books I need to read and write papers on. She suggested I read a book that is focused on Adam that will go deeper into unraveling about his role. 

It really caught my attention and I’m actually excited to read it. I ordered it online and it came in today and for the first time in a long time I actually can’t wait to get started reading a book. 

Moments like these I am thankful God has given me the opportunity to study His word and learn more about Him, His people and scripture. I’m also thankful that I actually do enjoy and have have passion for my major and what I study. God really has placed me in this field for a reason and I do belong here. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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