It’s funny how some things work out. Two of my brother from Atlanta didn’t know I was going to be visiting this past week and they actually planned a trip for this coming weekend to surprise me. So even though it wasn’t a surprise anymore and I saw them down in Atlanta they came up for the weekend. 

All day today I took them around the city and got to show them a little bit of my life. Both of these brothers were people I truly became close with during my internship a couple years ago and remain close with today. One of them was in my small group while I was down there and I was his retreat counselor and that’s how we became close. Now he is in college, it’s crazy how much a couple years can change things. The other brother is someone I served along side with for youth ministry down there and someone I truly consider a brother. 

Whenever I go down to Atlanta they really take care of me and show me hospitality. So I’m thankful God gave me the opportunity to return the favor as they came to my home for the first time. We had a blast going around Cincinnati today, mostly eating lol. 

I’m blessed to have these brothers in my life. Spending moments together like today really are priceless and I’m glad I have these relationships that god allows to continuously grow despite the distance. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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