Sadly my getaway in Atlanta this week came to an end today. I really didn’t want to leave the near 80 degree weather, good food and great people. This past week has been exactly what I needed, a time of rest, peace and joy. But it’s time to get back to reality. 

As I was driving through Tennessee I was in need of gas and had to go to the bathroom so I got off an exit. As I proceeded to get back on I-75 my gps took me some weird backroad. I was confused and a bit frustrated because it felt like it was taking much longer than expected. But after a few curves and twists I found myself in view of some majestic scenery. 

The road I was on was called Raccoon Valley. Like the name I was in a valley in between the huge rugged mountains of Tennessee next to a beautiful pristine lake as the sun was setting. It was absolutely gorgeous and totally worth the random detour. Times like these I am in awe of God’s creations. 

What was ironic was this moment really went along with a couple songs I was listening to all day. I’ve been hooked on an album by Housefires and two of their songs have lyrics about mountains and valleys. How even in the highest of mountains and lowest of valleys God is there with you. 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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