I was planning on driving back to Cincinnati from Atlanta today, but the moment I woke up I changed my mind. As I stared at my unpacked suitcase and thought about driving for 7 hours I couldn’t get myself to do it. So I said why not and decided to prolong my little trip one more day 🙂 

I told myself not to have any guilt and just enjoy this extra day. So to start off I took lunch to my mentor pastor’s house and ate with his family while spending time with his 8 month old daughter which was a blast. Afterwards went to the driving range with my cousin and friend and hit some balls while enjoying the almost 80 degree Atlanta weather, since Cincinnati will be the total opposite. For dinner I went to the best Chinese restaurant I’ve ever been to with my cousin and his wife, followed by boba. 

To conclude my last night in Atlanta I wanted to visit one of my friends and see his wife and 2 year old daughter since I don’t get to see them often. I had a great time playing with her and acting like dinosaurs. Then as I was about to leave God did a little something to my heart through that little girl. 

I put on my shoes and I was about to leave when my friends wife told the daughter she should pray for me before I left. Surprisingly she speaks really good Korean for her age. Her mom would pray and she would repeat after her. As I listened to her cute precious little voice praying a prayer over me my heart was filled with joy. What more could I ask for? 

I saw God today. 

Did you?

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